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Where are you based? 

In a magical little place about an hour inland of Byron Bay...Edenville to be precise....on top of a windy hill that we aptly named Life's Peachy Farm.

We are from the other side of the country, would you travel to our wedding? 

Of course! We love exploring this beautiful country and travelling as far and wide as we can in our short time here, providing we can get there and back to keep our little farm alive we are happy to travel!

How do we book you? 

If you love what we do and feel we are the right fit for you then head down to the contact section, flick us an email and we'll go from there!

Then, if your date is available and we think we are the right fit we will send you out an invoice and a contract to sign! It's that easy!

We haven't decided on a date yet but know we want you to be a part of it!?

That's no problem at all! Just get in touch via our contact form and we will look at what dates we have availability for then go from there to help you find a date that works for everyone!

Can we meet you before the big day? 

Absolutely! We love meeting our beautiful couples prior to shooting their big day! It makes the day so much easier for everyone when you don't feel like you have strangers rocking up to your wedding. If you're too far away for us to meet in person then Skype and FaceTime have got us covered on that front!

What does 'full coverage' mean? 

While we're not around for the entire day from start to finish we do stay for the bulk of the festivities. We'll normally start with bridal/groom prep around 10/10:30am and be with you up until a little after the evenings formalities have concluded....unfortunately that doesn't include a sparkler exit at midnight. Once the first dance wraps up and the drinks start flowing we'll hang around to get some dance floor action then say our goodbyes before Uncle John gets cut off at the bar.

When will I receive my films and photographs? 

You can expect to receive your finished album and highlight film around 8-12 weeks after the wedding dependent on how busy that particular time of year is. If you've booked 'The Keepsake Collection' you can expect the physical prints, USB and custom keepsake box in the post 12-16 weeks after your wedding date. In regard to the album lead time this may vary due to the printers workload at the time and the fact they are handmade in the USA. As much as we try to deliver your films and photos promptly it is just the two of us that run this little business. Unlike a lot of other companies (while we understand it can make life easier) we don't outsource any culling or editing so please bare with us in busier times of the year. In all honesty getting your photos too soon is probably a sign of lack of care and we pour our heart and soul into every single edit.

We already have a photographer, can we book you for video only?

 We made the choice a year or so ago to no longer accept film only bookings. We worked tirelessly to get our business where it is and part of that was growing and expanding to deliver the absolute best work we can for our couples. For that to happen we felt it in our own best interest to shoot together alongside each other because that's where we feel most at home.

Can we have all the raw footage and unedited photos?

We don't offer raw footage and here's why.....most of it isn't good enough for the film or albums in one way or another so why would we let you pay extra to get something that isn't useable for the most part. We can guarantee that what you get delivered is pretty much all we shot and most certainly the cream of the crop...sometimes the stuff left out is footage running between shots, some is bounced focus, people getting in shots or extremely similar frames. For us it's a case of you paying us good money to do our job and part of that is the editing and craft that we put into the post wedding process.

We really love the light and bright photographic style, is this something you can offer?

Every photographer has their own way of shooting/editing and rightly so. We treat every wedding as a unique artistic project and try to keep our editing aligned with the feel and tone of each given day whilst staying true to the style we have developed. I dare say if brighter photography and more pastel colouring is what you're after we probably aren't the right fit for you. There are a wealth of great photographers who do shoot in this style and we have no doubt you'll find someone to fit your vibe!

Can we choose our own songs for the wedding films? 

In As much as we would love for this to be the case it simply isn't legal to go around stealing music to use wherever you wish...the music we choose is carefully curated and handpicked to suit the mood of each wedding and the couple themselves. It is also fully licensed for online sharing. We made a decision when we first started this business to keep everything above board. Always.

We just want natural candid photos of our day, we aren't really into posing?

Neither are we, who is? Just be yourself, we'll take care of the pretty images and film. On any given wedding day we shoot around 80% of the day candidly and as it happens but in all honesty most couples aren't just strolling into amazing light and being cute on their own accord, that's where we come in. We won't make you cringe but we will spend the day hanging out with you both, getting some laughs and slotting in with your friends. We give a little direction, enough so you feel at ease and enough so we get those killer hero shots you want.

I don't want my photos or films used on the website, is that ok?

Of course, it's your wedding! We can password protect your films and album so only you have the ability to share with whom you choose.

How many shooters do you have?

We run a pretty tight knit crew here at RATB so we only ever use a small selection of shooters in order to meet the standard of work you have come to know of us. Before your wedding day we'll catch up over coffee or perhaps even a zoom call to chew the fat and talk all things life and weddings.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit for all weddings Australia wide is $1,000 and is non-refundable. International weddings incur a $2,000 non-refundable deposit so we can make all the necessary travel plans ahead of time! It is always advisable to pay the deposit as soon as you make your final decision to have us shoot your wedding, this will secure your date in our calendar. If within the 7 days allowed you haven't paid your deposit a reminder will be sent out and your date will re-open.

When do I have to pay the balance? 

The outstanding amount is due no later than 2 weeks before the wedding date.

Can I purchase an album after the wedding day? 

Yes of course! You can purchase an album at any time, although bare in mind The Keepsake Collection package includes the album at a heavily discounted price.

Albums ordered outside of this package will incur a design and consultation fee.

I have questions for you but they aren't listed here? 

Please get in touch! We don't bite...promise!

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