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Good Folk

Below you'll find our pick of the bunch. Some of the most talented, creative, beautiful souls we've had the pleasure of working with. So if you're struggling to find your good folk... Look no further.

The Nesst

From the moment we met Ness we knew she would be one of our good folk. With a smile that lights up the room and the personality to match this goddess pours her heart and soul into creating stunning florals to suit any style... and oh the colours!

Clarah Luxford

Clarah has an energy like no one we've ever met. Instantly a friend and always a laugh this well spoken, humble and down to earth beauty has found the perfect home for her talents. A way with words and a knack for storytelling has taken Clarah to the most beautiful places with the most lovely of couples. This is why she is our pick of the bunch.

Benjamin Carlyle

There's not many people who can warm up a room or relax a nervous groom like Ben. We've been lucky enough to worek with him a handful of times and everytime we are guaranteed a flawless, natural ceremony delivered with absolute ease. 

Paul Voge 

Paul is one hell of a guy and has recently made his way onto our good folk list! This charismatic celebrant and all round funny, genuine presence pulls out all the stops for his couples. No frills, no fuss and a rock kid at heart if you don't believe he's cool just check out his page!

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